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I recently saw Tommy

Morrissey wearing a shirt with

the words, “

Zero Handicap


written on the back. That

is a perfect description of

Tommy’s mindset. He has

learned to adapt, improvise,

and overcome the challenge

of being born with a limb




attitude and mindset is

inspiring the golf industry and

millions of people worldwide.

Immediately after seeing the

shirt, I thought of my own

long road to recovery after

catastrophic injuries. I had

to learn to walk, as well as,

talk again. On the one-year

anniversary of my accident,

my body had sufficiently

healed to allow me to play

nine holes of golf. For several

years after that, I had to

swing at about 75% to avoid

going into traction. I was also

battling chronic pain and an

addiction to prescription pain

killers. Four long years later

and twelve thousand hours

of rehabilitation, I broke free

from the chronic pain and

addiction with the help of


Shortly after overcoming my

addiction to prescription

painkillers, a friend from

my church, Fred Gutierrez,

wanted to learn to play golf

despite being paralyzed on

his left side. I quickly found

that the lessons I had learned

in my own recovery, were

lessons I could teach Fred, in

addition, they improved the

quality of his life.

Golf Therapy was born.

Watching Fred’s remarkable

progress over the past four

years has been very fulfilling.

Together, we have championed

the PGA HOPE Charleston

program and have had the

opportunity to mentor dozens

of veterans in the Low Country

in South Carolina. The PGA of

America has even begun other

PGA HOPE chapters around

the country. With each new

program, we are inviting more

and more veterans to enjoy

the therapeutic benefits of the

game of golf.

Last year, I had achieved a

personal milestone when I

regained a scratch handicap.

Gianna Rojas, “The One

Handed Lady Golfer”, gave

me the nickname, “The

Former Disabled Golfer.” I

then realized, that I no longer

had any handicaps, on or off

the golf course.

That single thought was

very liberating, much like

Tommy Morrissey’s “




In late 2015, I began to lose

yardage off the tee and a

tightness was developing in my

The +1 Mindset


Rich O’Brien


“+1 Mindset”


can help bring new

golfers to the game, as well as, apply

to every aspect of your life and can be

the ultimate mindset for living

your life to the fullest.

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