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Now that Labor Day is in

the rear view mirror it time

to think about winterizing

your golf cart. Simply giving

it a good cleaning, especially

throwing out the old beer

cans, empty golf ball packages

and sandwich wrappers, is

not nearly enough to keep

your cart in tip-top shape.

We talked with Al Vargo, who


as been the Service Manag



r Century Cart for 21 year


for tips on prepping your cart

or sports utility vehicle for the

long, cold winter months.

If you have a gas powered

cart the first item of business

is to drain the gas out of your

carburetor. Old fuel left in

a cart over the winter can

congeal and become gummy.

It will definitely foul up your

fuel system next spring when

you try to start it up.

Vargo told us that most of the

problems he sees involves

improper maintenance of

cart batteries.

Whether you

have a gas or electric powered

cart, battery maintenance is a

must for maximum efficiency

for your golf cart.

It is mandatory that batteries are

charged after each use. Leaving

depleted batteries uncharged

for long periods of time will

damage them and require that

you purchase a new one.

It is also imperative that proper

water levels are maintained

in each battery. Water level

needs to be above the top of

the plates inside the battery

before charging. Don’t overfill

the battery, but it does need to

be filled to the correct level.

Only distilled water should

be used to top off electric

cart batteries and make sure

the caps are fully tightened

when finished, to prevent

electrolyte leakage.

Terminals need to tightened

and should be cleaned of any

corrosion before storage. Also

check the battery hold-down

to assure the batteries cannot

bounce around when racing

across a bumpy golf course.

Other items often neglected

on annual maintenance lists:

• correct air pressure in the


• brake system & front

suspension inspection

• wiring and electrical


• front wheel alignment for

proper camber

• lubrication of trans-axle

and pedals

• cleaning & lubricating

an electric cart charger


If you want your golf cart or

other sport utility vehicle

to operate at maximum

efficiency and provide the

hours of enjoyment you want,

be sure to properly winterize

it before storage.

To get more information, visit

Al Vargo or Andy Syzmanski at Century Cart on Angola in Toledo. Century Cart is one of

the leading golf cart and utility

vehicle sales and service

dealers in the nation. They are

certified for warranty repair

on Club Car, Toro, Polaris,

Gem and LandMaster.

They have years of experience

and can help you with

your golf cart maintenance

questions or problems.

Visit their website at:

http:// www.centurycartconnect. com/toledo-oh-golf-carts.php

Golf Cart Maintenance Tips

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