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My track record for keeping

New Year’s resolutions is

abysmal. Each year, I faithfully

promise to improve, but most

of my resolutions are broken

by January 2nd.

A few years ago, I resolved

to play more often, even if it

was only a few twilight holes

and take my wife, as well

as, my children for a family

experience. Problems arose

with that plan, even before

the snow was off the ground.

I bought a new company and

soon was spending 12 hour

days, seven days a week in

the office.

Unfortunately for our golf

games without taking decisive

action, old habits return, so

each new season, tends to

resemble the previous one.

Here are three resolutions

for 2017 you can keep and

they can change your game

forever. One of golf’s oldest

maxims is the better you

score, the more fun you have.

Resolution #1:

Learn to chip and putt

You’ve heard it before, to

score well you must play well

within 100 yards of the green,

not being proficient at those

little shots is wasting strokes.

On the green start with a

putter that fits you and fits

your stroke. It should be the

correct length so your arms

hang relatively straight and

the putter head should have

forgiveness, since the average

golfer doesn’t hit the ball in

the center as regularly as he

would like.

To improve your chipping use

a less lofted club to get the ball

rolling as quickly as possible.

Many high-handicap players

use too much loft around the

greens, when a 9-iron or even

a 7-iron would produce better

results. Plus, if the collar is

smooth, the putter is likely to

the best choice.

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