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I teach the concept of a Mental Game Strategy

to help every golfer identify exactly what is

required to play your best, every single time

you go to the course.

Energy is Contagious

This past month I played a round of golf with

my brothers. Around the 14th hole, I noticed

the body language of my brother Bob began to

wane. He survived brain cancer two years ago,

and while his health is constantly improving,

his full energy has not returned. He was not

playing, as well as, he did on the first nine

holes, plus he was losing mental focus.

Watching his body language and hearing him

say he felt tired, also made me tired. While I did

not think of it much during the round, something

profound hit me a few days later. I had allowed

my mental and physical state to change as a

direct result of how my brother was feeling.

I am sharing this with you for three reasons.

1. I love my brother and feel extremely

fortunate that he is alive and healthy

enough to play golf again.

2. Emotions are contagious. If you sense

that someone in your group is angry or

tired or frustrated, it can directly impact

your mood. I let myself feel tired because

I forgot to practice what I preach.

3. You must always play golf with a Mental

Game Strategy and say it



Say Your Strategy Aloud

As I mentioned earlier, A Mental Game Strategy

is a high-level thought process designed to help

you identify what is required to always play





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