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Tips to Play a Golf

Scramble Responsibly



For many, golf has been

described as a sport designed

to allow men to drink and act

like adolescents outdoors.

Golf outings with a scramble

format can take drinking, poor

decisions and golf, to a whole

new level.

Many people enjoy playing in a

scramble because they are not

very good, but enjoy the social

aspects of the game. A scramble

allows even the beginning duffer

to compete and still have the

opportunity to contribute at least

once over the course of 18 holes.

If not with a golf shot at least

being a good drinker, partier,

or dancer. After your second

consecutive ball finds a watery

grave, a little dance, along with

a cold beverage, couldn’t hurt.

Once, while participating in

a scramble with my so-called

golf buddies, we had the bright

idea for each of us to down a

shot for every successful birdie.

Feeling confident, we stocked

up with some of Kentucky’s

finest, before the round began.

As they say on the television

commercials, don’t try this

at home, we were trained


As you know, if you have at

least one or two decent golfers

Golf is the best

drinking game



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